Barter Luxury

Luxury is a unique hybrid of a traditional corporate barter company, alternative financing company, and marketing consulting company. Barter Luxury offers its clients the opportunity to turn excess inventory of products and services into buying power for media, employee benefits and incentives, and practical business services.

 Barter Luxury sets itself apart from others in the barter and alternative financing industries by acting as project manager for its clients. Companies only have to let their Barter Luxury account executive know what their need is, and the rest is done for them. It is like having finance, marketing and production departments in house.

 Barter Luxury deposits credits into your account based on your criteria and the full value of the goods or services you provide to other members of the network. You use these credits to purchase other goods and services that your business requires. Barter Luxury charges a small transaction fee only when you use your credits to make purchases.

 Because Barter Luxury is pro-active on its clients behalf, members are presented with marketing opportunities and strategic partnerships on an ongoing basis that help them to achieve their established business objectives. By entering Barter Luxury's vast network of companies around the world, you are immediately given a marketing assessment by an outside consultant to ascertain the needs of your business, and to give Barter Luxury's expert staff insight as to how best to help you grow your business.

A ceramic manufacturer has an excess inventory of $100,000, which they turn over to Barter Luxury. They wish to purchase $100,000 worth of national advertising during the holiday season. Because their cost of producing the ceramics is 25% of retail , they are virtually purchasing $100,000 worth of advertising for $25,000.



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