Barter Luxury

How Does Alternative Financing Work?
Alternative financing means the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services needed to run your business, with little or no cash exchanged.

Why Is Alternative Financing Beneficial To My Business?
Trading your goods and services at their full value for other goods and services needed for your business saves you a tremendous amount of money.

Example: A pottery studio has an excess inventory of $100,000: which they turn over to Barter Luxury. They wish to purchase $100,000 worth of national advertising during the holiday season. Because their cost of producing the pottery is 25% of retail, they are virtually purchasing $100,000 worth of advertising for $25,000.

How Does Barter Luxury Make Money?
Barter Luxury acts as a broker when you make purchases through your trade account, and receives a small brokerage fee for each transaction. In addition, Barter Luxury services some clients as an advertising and media agency, and for some transactions receives the standard agency fee.

What If I Can Find A Better Deal On A Product Or Service Than The Price Offered?
Just like a retail store, many members also have "sales" and you maybe able to find products or services at a better rate. Because Barter Luxury deals only with corporate trades, liquidation rates offered to individuals are not accepted, as those prices were not in use at the time Barter Luxury accepted the service or merchandise.

Example: A client would like to use their trade account to purchase a hotel stay for next week, for which the rack rate (retail) is $250 per night. The client may go online and find a rate of $195 for the same dates at the same hotel. Because Barter Luxury obtained advertising media for the hotel based on the rack rate, the rack rate is what is applied to the purchase of the room.

What Types of Services Can I Get From Barter Luxury?
Because Barter Luxury personally manages each account to maximize their benefits, and through their vast international network, you can get virtually anything that you need to run your business including:

Media: Advertising, eCommerce, Billboards, Radio & Television Advertising, Art; Broadway, Sporting Event, and Concert Tickets Professional Services: Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Medical Professionals, Stylists, Attorneys, Event Planners, Photographers, Video Production, Web site Designers, Corporate Travel Corporate Gifts: Gift Baskets, Promotional Items, Health Clubs, Jewelry, Ceramics, and much more.



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