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Some examples are: Design, Technology, Medical, Dental, Printers, Florist & Photographers Marketing and Public Relations.

Barter Luxury's Industry Professionals Can Help You To:

  • Increase Visibility
  • Ensure Proper Positioning
  • Maximize Internet Presence
  • Implement Marketing Initiatives to Generate New Clients
  • Create Promotional Opportunities To Generate Business During Shoulder Seasons
  • Ensure Your Special Events, Seasonal Products, New Products and Styles, and Other News is Noticed
  • Seek Strategic Partnerships with Publications, Similar Vendors, Corporate Accounts, Etc.
  • Ensure Product Line is Included In All Regular Trade and Consumer Publications
  • Seek Public Relations Opportunities, E.g. Trade Show Features, Magazine Articles, Cross Promotion, Etc.
  • Penetrate Into New Markets Such As International, Regional, Corporate Accounts, Etc.

Barter Luxury Will:

  • Create a Marketing Plan Tailored To Your Individual Needs and Objectives
  • Integrate With And Enhance Your Existing Marketing Function
  • Have Barter Luxury Executives and Marketing Professionals Fully Support Your Marketing Objectives - We Do The Work For You

Offer Your Services - The Perfect Way To Pay

  • Pay For Your Barter Luxury Services With Your Unsold Product Inventory
  • Receive Full Value for Products and Services, All At Your Cost of Goods
  • Pay For The Products and Services Your Business Needs With Unsold or Overruns of Product, Rather Than Cash

Bottom Line Expense Savings

Purchase Essential Business Services With Your Services. Some of The Services Available Through Barter Luxury:

  • Professional Services
  • Marketing - Media and Design
  • Construction/Maintenance Services
  • Printing
  • Telephones Installation
  • Floral Décor, Equipment Rental Musicians, Photography
  • Special Event Production

To find out more about what the
Marketing team can do for your business, please click on the link below that best suits your type of business.


The following is a media disclaimer:

The following advertising opportunities are shown as examples of how BL Marketing can help businesses reduce cash costs in their media expenditures. BL Marketing analyzes each perspective client's needs to ascertain what media best supports their marketing and business objectives. To obtain an evaluation from BL Marketing's team of professionals of media that is appropriate for your business, please click here to contact us.

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