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Marketing and Public Relations

Barter Luxury's Industry Professionals Can Help You To:

  • Increase Visibility
  • Ensure Proper Positioning
  • Maximize Internet Presence
  • Generate Marketing Initiatives to Generate New Clients
  • Create Promotional Opportunities To Generate Business During Off-Peak Times
  • Ensure Your Special Events, Seasonal Menu Items, and Other News is Noticed
  • Seek Strategic Partnerships with Publications, Tour Operators, Etc.
  • Ensure Listings In All Regular Trade and Consumer Publications
  • Seek Public Relations Opportunities, E.g. Cooking Show Features, Magazine Articles, Etc.
  • Penetrate Into New Markets Such As Corporate, Catering, Delivery, Brunch, Etc.

Barter Luxury Will :

  • Create a Marketing Plan Tailored To Your Individual Needs and Objectives
  • Integrate With And Enhance Your Existing Marketing Function
  • Have Barter Luxury Executives and Marketing Professionals Fully Support Your Marketing Objectives - We Do The Work For You

Gift Certificates - The Perfect Way To Pay

  • Pay For Your Barter Luxury Services With Your Own Gift Certificates
  • Receive Full Retail Value Products and Services, All At Your Cost Of Goods
  • Pay For The Products and Services Your Restaurant Needs With Food and Beverage, Rather Than Cash
  • Research Shows That A Guest With a Gift Certificate Tends To Purchase More Than the Value of The Certificate Itself
  • Guests Pay Tax and Gratuities In Cash, Building Employee Satisfaction

Bottom Line Expense Savings

Purchase Essential Business Services With Gift Certificates. Some of The Services Available Through Barter Luxury:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction/Maintenance Services
  • Printing, Menus, Signs
  • Telephones Installation
  • Floral Décor, Equipment Rental, Uniforms, Musicians, Photography Food Products, Wines, and Packaging


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